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Parent Involvement Coordinator Leslie Andujar 912-682-1570



Parent Resource Center

Find activities, workbooks and games for your middle school student in our Parent Resource Center located directly behind Langston Chapel Elementary School.  We also have parenting resources including books, DVD's and brochures to help you through these "tween" years.  Designed to provide educational and community resources for parents of both Langston Chapel Elementary and Langston Chapel Middle Schools, the Parent Resource Center is open from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday.  You can also make an appointment or call (912) 682-1570 if you would like to come and check out our resources.  All items are FREE to use.

Items Available for Check Out at the LCMS Parent Resource Center

Help Your Child Be Drug Free!

Make Your Stance On Drugs Clear:  Have a firm, "no use" rule for your child.  Make it clear that if drugs and alcohol are being used at a party, you would like for your child to leave. Also, set a good example in your own life for your child - they will model what you do.

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Teen Health


Parent Involvement


Parent's Guide to Understanding Title I

Learning Starts At Home!

  • Help your child set goals that challenge them

  • Speak respectfully about teachers and the school

  • Focus on the exciting learning opportunities that LCMS will bring

  • Show pride in your child's good work and accomplishments

  • Talk about how the things your child is learning at school will help to prepare them for life beyond school

  • Talk with your child about their goals for the future

  • Ask Questions:  What did you talk about in your history class today?  Who did you sit with at lunch today?  What is your favorite subject and why? Your least favorite and why?

  • Encourage your child to read every day.  It doesnt have to be a book - read the newspaper, junk mail or food labels

  • When you are at the store, encourage your child to compare prices to practice their math

  • Have a spot for all of your child's school materials so they are easier to find

  • Don't do the work for your child - you can help by explaining the problem

  • Quiz your child in preparation for tests



Be There For Your Child

The middle school years are a time of transtion:  emotional, physical, social and academic.  Your support and involvement are essential at this stage of your child's growth.  Research shows that pre-teens do better in school when their parents are involved in thier lives. 

  • Help your child organize a schedule
  • Help your child set goals with a time limit for completing particular tasks
  • Listen to what your child tells you and is really saying between the lines.  Be sensitive to any fears your child might have.  Sometimes it is helpful to reserve comments and actions until you have facts about a situation and know how your child thinks and feels about it.
  • Discuss peer pressure
  • Welcome and get to know your child's friends
  • Become aware of physical and emotional changes in your child

Help Your Child Succeed!

Parental Support plays a vital role in helping preteens and teens succeed in middle school. It can become very stressful for parents to know which situations call for involvement and which ones call for a more behind-the-scenes approach. Use the following links to help keep your child on track for academic success in middle school:

Kids Health




LCMS Parent Involvement Documents

Help your Child Prepare for the GMAS


Family Resource Folders

The LCMS Parent Involvement Program now provides Family Resource Folders that help guide parents on how to stay involved with their middle school student, as well as how to help their children with their academic studies. The Family Resource Folders are located in the LCMS Resource Center. Please contact Leslie Andujar for any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you!


Contact Information



Daily Checklist To Help Your Child Succeed At LCMS

  1. Check your child's planner
  2. Check your child's homework
  3. Ask your child when tests are and support good study habits
  4. Encourage your child to read
  5. Ask your child about their school day and/or friends and LISTEN!

LCMS Home/School Compact 2016-2017

As a Parent, I will

  1. Require my child to attend school each day on time
  2. Support the school in its effort to maintain proper discipline
  3. Update the school on any changes of contact information
  4. Communicate regularly with my child's teacher
  5. Establish a time and place for homework and reiew my child's work daily
  6. Provide my child with needed school supplies
  7. Encourage my child to read on a regular basis
  8. Show respect and support for my child, the teacher and the school
  9. Set high & realistic goals concerning my child's education