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Mission & Beliefs

2020 Bulloch County Schools Strategic Plan (2015-2020)

Adopted by Board of Education 02/12/2015; Revised 01/06/2016


By 2020, we will become a school system that prepares our students to be contributing members of society, based upon their interests and abilities, and the opportunity to pursue the colleges and careers of their choice. 


Belief & Core Values

We believe everyone can learn and grow in a continuous improvement culture that incorporates our core values. Our core values signify our expectations of ourselves and each other, from our boardroom to our classrooms.  


Relational:       We build relationships with others through integrity, compassion, and respect.

Purposeful:      We pursue what needs to be accomplished through appropriate and intentional effort.

Reflective:       We evaluate our efforts in relation to our purpose.

Resourceful:    We implement resourceful solutions through innovation and collaboration.

Courageous:    We exemplify commitment, determination, and grit in making needed changes happen.

Accountable:   We hold ourselves accountable for the decisions we make and the actions we take.



The mission of Bulloch County Schools is to prepare students for success and to enhance community value.


Strategic Goals

  • College and Career Readiness

  • Stakeholder and Community Support

  • Resource Optimization